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Welcome to Bike Promotion, the organizer of race track training and motorbike trips!

You are not only new here, but you want to go to the track for the first time? Then you should look for our instructors' trainings. In a basic instruction you learn not only the correct behavior on the bike and the correct line selection, but also the basics of riding a motorbike!

You can find out what dates Bike Promotion offers you in the event overview. There you can select according to your wishes: race track in your area, favorite track, which is prescribed by the boss holiday season. Just as you wish.

What is Bike Promotion?

The range of events organized by us this year ranges from the training for the newcomer to the track through the license-free International Bike Promotion Championship (IBPM) to the title race within the DMV Rundstrecken Championship, Swiss Moto Racing, the International Road Racing Championship IRRC and the Central European Motorcycle Championship CEMC. For each category motorcycle is provided for spout, whether classic, two and four-stroke, one-two-three or four-cylinder and so on…

The events take place in 10 European countries. A total of over 65 events with well over 200 event days are planned. (In 2012 there were 242 events). There is no winter break!

Since 2010, we have been organizing the national league of licensed road racing - the DMV Circuit Championship and the BMW S 1000 RR customer test. In 2011, Swiss Moto Racing (Swiss Motorcycle Championship), the BMW S1000 RR Race Camp and various VIP events were added.

As the biggest event, we organize the “BMW Motorrad Test Camp” in Almeria. Complete offers like the “BMW Motorrad test camp” with flight, transfers, hotel, full catering, care at the event, on the race track or tours on the country road, motorbike, tire, mechanic.
With Laguna Seca we were able to organize an overseas training for the first time in 2012. A real highlight for all participants and us!!!

Organizational principles

The principles of the execution of our trainings are based primarily on the guarantee of safety while at the same time focusing on maximum fun and leisure time for the participants. The general conditions of participation apply.

  • The maximum possible safety package for the race track is always booked. On many routes, this safety package from route points, medical and technical security is voluntarily and independently upgraded by us. For example, additional rescue vehicles and route items are used or additional German doctors with race track experience are required.
  • At almost all events the participants of the trainings are divided according to their race track experience into beginners, sports drivers and license groups (categories).
The advantages are:
  • Predictability of the participants in the same turn (thus avoiding unnecessary danger potential)
  • Best times of stretching without pending
  • Reduce the inhibition threshold for new entrants
The respective category is published in the schedule. All participants will be given the opportunity to evaluate themselves at the registration!
This rule does not apply to races. In this case, it is generally assumed that a participant who signs up for a race has the appropriate experience and qualifications.
  • There is basically the possibility to book an instructor in each category. In the category beginners, small groups of five to six drivers per instructor are formed.
  • We are subject to voluntary self-imposed restrictions on the maximum number of participants per turn. If the route log (default) is too large for our opinion, the number is limited. Example: Oschersleben - maximum 45 riders per turn, the log allows a far higher number
  • There is the possibility of an accident insurance for permanent and temporary corporal damage after accidents.
  • All motorcycles are subjected to a technical inspection, in which case the vehicle is checked for safe operation.
  1. This means:
  • Chassis, tires, brakes must be in order
  • No leakage of liquids
  • General technical condition
  • Fuse of oil drainage and filler bolts as well as the oil filter is not mandatory, a check for a firm seat is reasonable in the sense of all.
  1. The same applies to drivers who deliberately flag badge or grossly negligently put themselves and other participants at risk. Participants whose vehicle is used on the route of drivers who are not registered themselves are also excluded. The owner of the motorcycle is liable for personal injury and material damage.
  2. Necessary construction measures:
    • Remove the mirrors and license plate
    • Cover Taillights, headlights, taillights
    • Install start numbers on the front and the side (available locally if required)
    • There is basically a riders briefing. Participation is compulsory for all riders and is documented with stickers on the helmet. If you do not have a sticker on the helmet, the box exit must not happen.
    • All participants are required to wear appropriate protective clothing and equipment. (See also: General Conditions of Participation)
    • Participants who are obviously under the influence of alcohol or drugs are prohibited from racing. If an infringement is found here, the driver is excluded from the event at no extra cost.


The timetables are mainly based on the times prescribed by the tracks.
The participants will receive the confirmation of participation approximately 10 days before the start of the event. A schedule is attached. In addition to the travel times, the timetable also shows the times for paper acceptance / registration, technical acceptance and so on.
There may be shifts in the schedule after interruptions, for example by falls or accidents on the track.
In the case of interruptions, the following rule applies: If the turn has not yet taken half of the turn time, the turn is restarted. If it has progressed more than half, the next group is started after the stretch has been released. The final decision about the continuation of the training falls the race control of the respective racetrack.
Up-to-date information on the driver's cabin acoustics is given. If such a system is not available, an information board is set up.

Training events

There is a transponder obligation for the training events!

The transponders are free of charge. A security deposit (passport or identity card only) is required. The deposit for the ID card or passport is required at the same time by the medical center.

In the case of perfection training, there is also a transponder obligation. However, this does not serve to determine a fastest driver but to better classify the drivers into the training groups.

The procedure is simple - all participants receive a transponder free of charge. The fastest lap times are used after a reasonable training time (usually after 3 turns) to reassign the drivers into the training groups. The fastest 25% and 30% (depending on the number of groups) of the field are divided into the A groups, the second-second 25% and 30%, respectively, into the B group, etc.

This principle allows very safe driving and prevents the mixing of very fast and slow drivers, which can occur due to incorrect assessments during the registration.

Races/Championship events

Races are conducted using the regulations of the DMV Rundstrecken Championship and also the International German Championship, the Superbike and Long Distance World Championship.
The following procedure is used:

  • FIRST CALL: 10 minutes before opening the pit lane
  • SECOND CALL: Start approx. 5 min. Before opening the pit lane
  • LAST CALL: pit lane is open (opened for 1 min)

If this time is missed, the pit lane will open again for a short time after the pre-start. The driver follows the field and is given the option to move to his position in the starting position (only in the IBPM, in the licensed series must be started from the end of the starter field.
All drivers are called to remember their starting position BEFORE riding out, so that a long-term installation procedure is avoided. The starting set-up is displayed.

The pre-start is started in a row. The starter moves with two red flags through the field. When the flags are lifted in front of the respective row, this row can start (only this row!).

After the warm-up period, the starting position is taken again. The start usually takes place with a traffic light system. The start is imminent when the starter leaves his position in front of the field in the direction of the pit wall. The folded red flag points to the traffic light system. The traffic light shows red and switches off after 3 - 5 seconds. This is the sign to start!

Long-distance/endurance races are started with a "Le Mans- Start". The motorbikes, held by a helper, stand on the start / finish straight with the engine switched off at the pit side of the box. They are placed at a 45 degree angle to the direction of the track. The drivers are on the other side of the start / finish line and run on the signal (start pistol, flag or similar) to their motorbike, start the vehicle and start the race.
The race is usually finished with the black and white checkered flag.

Services on site

Instructors are on site at many events. In particular the individual instruction and the GP Racing School have made a good name among the race track riders. The request for instruction is to be indicated upon registration.
A tire service is available at all events. Here you can buy tires, change your tires and check the air pressure. Please order special tires or a larger number in advance.
Wear, fall, fairings, accessories and materials can be purchased from the racing service.
At most events a photo service is available.
The catering is served by our own catering service. The local company also on some events.

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