Motorbike transports at Bike Promotion

Your bike is in good hands at bike promotion. Almost all employees in the company have their own motorbike and drive regularly on racetracks and country roads. That's why everyone at Bike Promotion knows how to deal with a motorbike. And every customer bike is treated as if it were our own.

How do the transports proceed?

At various points in Germany and neighboring countries, there are collection points where you can bring your bike. From there the machines are mostly brought to our headquarters in Gera. To ensure that nothing is lost, there are protocols for every type of machine transfer, in which everything you are entrusted with: the stand, the tire, the combi, the helmet, the tool, the folding chair. We pick up the bikes from the stations and take them to Spain. On request, we can organize an individual pick-up at your home.

It is imperative that accessories be marked clearly and durable with at least your name.

In the warehouse in Gera your motorbikes are then packed on pallets. All of course with the greatest care. Afterwards, the crates and pallets are wrapped with shrink film, so nothing can go wrong - no scratches, no damage. The pallets are then brought into our trailers and are brought to Almeria to the winter base.

!!! Important !!! The prerequisite for a smooth run is a regular logon to one (or more) event (s). Please indicate that you want a transport and, if possible, at which pick-up station you want to give the motorbike. We then inform the station and make the direct contact. The clarification of the delivery / pickup of your bike is then done directly with the responsible employee. !!!

Please do not call at the stations without talking to us or to have made the registration !!!

Pickup and return are carried out as part of our logistics planning. We can not guarantee delivery or return transportation in any case and must be confirmed in writing by us in advance.


How do I get to my bike in Spain?

Our hub for motorcycle transport in the south is the circuit in Almeria. From here, they are transported to the respective racetrack. The exact prices for the transports between the racetracks can be found in the overview. On the spot you get the motorcycles in the transport box. For a small fee of 25 EUR per event we deliver your motorcycle and staff directly to a pit box/garage and pick it up there after event.

For example, you book a training course in Aragon. Then your machine will be prepared by us in Almeria for the race track deployment and then transported to the place of use. You travel relaxed with an airplane and a rental car, swing into the saddle - and have fun. Afterwards, Bike Promotion offers you not only a return transport service, but also the round trunk lay for your machine. Whether it is tire or oil change, washing, cleaning, caring. All this is taken over by our mechanic crew on request.

Pick-up points for bike transports to the south

Bike Promotion has expanded its range of pick-up points for motorcycle transports to Spain: a total of 12 stations in Germany serve virtually every postal code area, as well as bases in the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

For further questions and booking call +49 365/712 799 0 or send a mail to

The following racetracks are available:
Questions about motorbike transports? Please send a mail to

The following racetracks are available

Navarra (NEU), Circuito de Almeria, Motorland Aragon • Cartagena • Calafat • Jerez de la Frontera • Guadix • Albacete • Alcarras • Barcelona - Catalunya • Castelloli • Valencia • Ledenon (Frankreich) • Portimao (Portugal)

Questions about motorbike transports? Please send a mail to

Have fun in the South!


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