Conditions of participation
Participant Terms and Conditions
Legal Release of Liability
By submission of your registration, you agree that you have read this waiver and release and fully understand its terms, that your registration is free and voluntary, and that you accept and agree to the following: I have read the regulations and agree to follow all rules set forth therein, and agree to abide by any penalty(s) set by the organizer in accordance with the procedure(s) set forth in the regulations. I understand such rules are in no way a guarantee against losses, damages or liabilities of any nature whatsoever including property damage (e.g. damaged parts of the race track and safety devices, means for oil disposal and fire fighting), personal injury or death. I alone carry the responsibility for any civil and criminal damage caused by all vehicles either owned or used by myself, unless a liability release has been arranged prior. I understand the risks of danger to myself and my property while preparing for and participating in the event and voluntarily assume all physical and legal risk of losses, damages and liabilities of any nature whatsever, including property damage, personal injury and death resulting from or related to any event from any cause whatsoever whether caused or contributed to by the negligence of Releasees or otherwise, including negligent safety procedures and rescue operations. I for myself, my personal representatives, spouse, heirs, next of kin, executors, successors and assigns (collectively, the "Releaser") hereby release and forever discharge the organizer and all officers, directors, officials, agents, servants and employees of the organizer and all other persons, participants or organizations conducting or participating in the event (collectively the "Releasees") from and against all demands, claims, causes of action, proceedings, losses, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses (including legal fees and disbursements) of any nature whatsoever which may be made or suffered by the Releaser resulting from or related to any event (including while engaged in or preparing for competition or practice, or while entering or leaving the premises of the event or whether occurring during the prevent, event, or post event activities and extending to use of any related facilities) from any cause whatsoever, whether caused or contributed to by the negligence of the Releasees or otherwise. Participants are responsible and liable that only they themselves ride the vehicle that is registered. The registered participant is fully and legally responsible for all personal and property damage resulting from a non registered rider using the participant's vehicle on the event course.
Additionally, a fine of EUR 500 will be levied against the participant/vehicle owner, payment of which is due immediately.
Registration and Entry Registration for the event is by submission of the registration/entry to the organizer and payment of the entry fees. For this purpose, only an original or photocopy of the organizer's registration and entry form is acceptable. Caution! Submission of entry form and payment of entry fees does not constitute a legal right to participation in the event. Only at that time at which confirmation is delivered is registration considered accepted. Participant confirmation notice will only be sent upon secure payment. At those events held in cooperation with other promoters/organizers the event notification of the main organizer is considered binding.

Each participant is required to complete the liability insurance policy we offer. This covers liability for personal damage (health, bodily, or loss of life) to other participants.
The general and special terms and conditions of the liability insurance policy are in effect. This insurance does NOT cover damages incurred by (the prohibited) use of the participant's vehicle by a non registered individual. By signing the liability insurance contract, the participant ensures that he has valid foreign medical insurance coverage, if the event does not take place in his native country (or country of permanent residence). As well, participants can arrange to take out additional accident insurance. Information for this must be received by the organizer at the latest 1 full day prior to the first day of the event.
Entry Closure
Entry closure is 14 days prior to the first day of the respective event. Late entries incur a late fee per event day, respectively.
Entry Fee Refunds - Cancellation Policy
Without cancellation insurance: up to 90 days prior refund minus €25 fee; up to 30 days prior refund minus €50 fee; up to 15 days prior 50% refund in the form of a gift
certificate valid for 1 year.
With cancellation insurance - 15 € per event day: up to 90 days prior full refund; up to 15 days prior refund minus €25 fee; up to 5 days prior 75% refund in the form of a gift
certificate valid for 1 year; up to 1 day prior 50% refund in the form of a gift certificate valid for 1 year.
All technically sound motorcycles are permitted at our events! That the motorcycles are in safe general working order and the participants' clothing and equipment will be
checked during the technical inspection. In case of objections (e.g. with regards to safety) we reserve the right to deny participation, in this case entry fees will not be
refunded. In the event that the event is cancelled or broken off prematurely, due to reasons beyond the organizer's control, entry fees will not be refunded. Beware! Any
participant who endangers others by way of risky, inconsiderate riding, will be barred from the riding session. A participant who wilfully causes permanent damage to the
racetrack or the facilities (especially through burn outs, etc.) will be made liable for the cost of the damages. This includes leaving nails, hooks, screws, tent pegs, etc. in the
pit tarmac, or in pit garage floors and walls.
Transponder / time keeping
In our events we have a permanent time keeping service. Each participant have to use a transponder on track. This time keeping we do to check the affiliation of the
participant to the right group. The publication of the times must be paid separatly in perfection trainings, in the championship events it is include for all. A passport or drivers
licence is to given as deposit for the transponder to the registration office. In case of loss or destruction of the transponder it is to pay from the participant (370 EUR).
Technical Requirements
• mirrors, luggage and other parts that stick out must be removed, things with sharp edges (e.g. sawn off frame tubes) are not permitted and must be removed
• headlights and turn signals should be removed, or carefully and fully taped over
• exhaust systems are not restricted, however they MUST NOT exceed the noise limit in effect at the respective racetrack (e.g. 105 dB Most, 92 db Sachsenring, 98 dB
Lausitzring, 98 dB Hockenheim, 92 dB Assen). A participation ban due to surpassing the noise limit does not entitle the participant to a refund. A premature end to the event,
or longer breaks to regulate the noise levels are possible if a number of participants do not conform to the noise limit.
• participants may use the tires of their choice, however they must be in good condition with enough wear left to permit safe riding. The organizer reserves the right to
prohibit the use of vehicles that to not conform to the technical requirements. A motorcycle without well functioning brakes or with the exhaust canister removed will not be
permitted to be ridden at our events. In the event of a crash, the motorcycle must pass technical inspection again prior to being permitted back on the track.
Protective Clothing
All training and race participants are required to wear a spine protector if there is not one as an integral part of their leathers. Only participants with the appropriate
prescribed protective clothing (undamaged full face helmet, leather suit, leather boots, leather gloves) will be admitted.
Starting Numbers
Each participant must mark his motorcycle with a starting number. Numbers will be assigned, usually with the registration confirmation, at the latest at the event check in,
and take into account any wishes (please enter your desired number in the registration form). Numbers must be placed so they are clearly visible, on the front and on both
sides of the tail section of the motorcycle. Numbers must be a minimum of 12 cm high, and easily read on the motorcycle, otherwise entry to the track may be denied.
Publicity Rights 
Bike Promotion and his parters has the right to make use of any photographs, videos, films, etc. made during the event for advertising purposes. Unauthorized sale of good
and services during the event will lead to an immediate 'sales stand' rental fee of EUR 500 per event.
Event Schedule
All participants must be present at check in to sign up, and have their motorcycle checked and approved by the technical inspection before training starts, otherwise you will
not be permitted to take part. All riders must attend the riders meeting, those who do not attend will be disqualified. The riders meeting will take place at the beginning of the
event and may, additionally, take place again prior to the races for the respective classes. A schedule is included in the registration confirmation and will also be posted at
the track. We reserve the right to make changes to the schedule.
Safety Rules
It is strictly forbidden for non authorized persons to enter the safety zones, especially crash zones. The safety zone includes pit lane. During races, only the rider and his
assistant is permitted pit lane access. There is an absolute smoking ban in pit lane! Pit lane is a one way street! You may ride through pit lane only slowly. Motorcycles may
only be pushed in the 'wrong' direction in pit lane. In the pits all vehicles may only proceed at pedestrian speed. Disregard for these rules will lead to an immediate
disqualification or expulsion from the premises. Children under 14 years of age are strictly forbidden from riding/driving around in the pits (or pit lane). Children under 14
years of age are strictly prohibited from pit lane. At most of the racetracks, pets are completely forbidden. The regulations of the respective racetrack will be in effect.
Each participant must follow the instructions given by the event executive or their designated representative. Violations and contravention of the content of the Participant
Terms and Conditions, especially the endangering of other participants through inconsiderate riding in the pits or disregarding flag signals, will lead to disqualification, or
barring from the event, respectively.

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