Perfection training

Perfection training, as the name says, perfects your riding skills. The fun for everyone. Take part, because you liked this or that race track particularly well and you always wanted to drive there. Or, let yourself be instructed in one of the advanced variants (instruction), learn to ride on the bike better, or just have fun.

Perfectionstrainings from Bike Promotion are completely separated from championships. This is all about the racing circuit. Swing on the bike and enjoy curves, corners and straights, brakes and acceleration.

What are the advantages of perfection training? Besides a lot of fun especially security. You will learn what your machine, your tires and above all you yourself can do. And all this without annoying traffic, unintended curves, guard rails, trees, hedges and house walls. With maximum safety on a racetrack you can test and expand your skills. In addition, you learn a whole lot of tricks - like the right air pressure in the tire and the right line on the slopes.

Perfection training from bike promotion also offers the opportunity to improve existing knowledge. For all events from the novice to the ambitious advanced, all motorcyclists are welcome. We will be happy to assist you, for example with the basic instruction or GP Racing School.

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