Instructor training

Riding with an instructor - that brings something to everyone! For some, it is the first step on the race track, for the others it is about long-awaited lap times. In either case, however, it is important to learn from our experienced instructors - be it line selection, braking, driving, moving on the bike. As a big goal, everyone on the motorcycle feels comfortable and safe to know its limits as well as its bike and the tires.

For beginner

Get to know the speed safely - with our instructors no problem. You've called this page and done the first step. Our coaches will introduce you to the secrets of the circuit. In small groups it is first the line selection, view guidance and the "gymnastics" on the motorcycle. Later, we will work with you on the breaktechnic, the cornerspeed and, of course, on the improvement of the direction of sight and the body. The focus is on two things: learning, driving safely, and having fun. After each turn, the instructors are ready for talks to "process" the experience.

For advanced

For experienced riders we have our called sports driving courses. This is about getting to know the personal limit - without crashing. Our instructors will guide you both before and after, to discuss any mistakes and work on their correction.

Depending on the bookings, 5-6 turns per day will be given, in which the instructor will examine your bodywork, braking technique and view guidance. Then you will get important information about how to improve your riding style. This way you are perfectly prepared for faster round-trips - and fun is still the main focus. Ever had the feeling suddenly a second or two seconds faster? It is worth it!

For professionals - the GP Racing School

Looking, riding, brakes, line selection - does it work? But still the round times remain the same? And are still far from other racer friends or the pros? Somehow it has to go even faster and forward, right?

Exactly, this is actually - with the help of the GP Racing School. Our instructors, such as Jürgen Fuchs (56 Grands Prix, 5 GP podium, 1 pole position, 250cc World Championship in 1996), Damian Cudlin (International German Supersportmaster 2010, World Championship Vice-World Championship) and Jörg Teuchert (Supersport World Champion 2000, German Master Supersport 1997 and 1998, International German Superbike Champion 2006 and 2009) bring a huge experience treasure.

Our instructors will not only give you a fine grind on the bike, also dive into the depths of the technique. Chassis, translation, tire selection - all of this is one thing if you want to get faster. On the course, the instructors look closely, drive ahead and afterwards, film the turns. In the subsequent video analysis you get an exact evaluation, which makes you on the bike well and what wrong. You will be amazed at the small changes and twists that can make a difference in the lap times.


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