Girls Club

Bike Promotion promotes women on the racetrack - also with rich discounts for all girls and ladies who like to ride motorbikes quickly. The first 5 registered ladies per racetrack event will receive a 25% discount - so it is worthwhile to sign up for each registration before the respective events. The only exception is the bike promotion motorbike trips like the BMW Motorrad Test Camp Almeria, the event in Laguna Seca, Qatar and similar * (see below).

Women do not like traveling alone. That is why there is an advantage for male companions as well. For 5 more women and the partners registered under the same residential address, there is the special price for registered drivers of Bike Promotion.

Where is the discount? In the bike promotion organized by Bike Promotion itself and the license-free Hobbyraces of the International Bike Promotion Championship (IBPM). From beginner to semi-professional, the IBPM is appreciated, since beside the family atmosphere in the paddock also a great service is offered. Timekeeping, partial free catering, photoservice as well as the racing and tire service are only a few points of the extensive services. A voluntary participation in races in different classes is also possible - everything can, nothing has to.
Recommended is always the use of an instruction. For all racing and driving training sessions and at most IBPM events, experienced instructors will be at your side who will give you the correct line selection, guidance and the right move on the motorbike from first hand.
Only participations that run over the entire tender period will be reimbursed. That is, For a 3-day event, only 3 days will be rebate, shorter ones will not be included in the discount range. The Ladies discount will be calculated from the normal participation fee, a combination with other discounts (club discount, prize for unscripted riders etc.) is not possible.

Except for bike promotion offered trips such as the BMW Motorrad Test Camp Almeria or the event in Laguna Seca, the FIM Women's Training Camp, the events EMR / DRC, special offers as well as dates not organized by Bike Promotion. The Girls Club discount can not be combined with other discounts.


FIM WOMEN’S TRAINING CAMP                   

This training camp is dedicated to women competing or willing to compete in Road Racing. It will propose training activities, track sessions (timed) as well as non-sporting workshops (sponsoring, nutrition etc.). This training camp aims at detecting future Road Racing Champions but is open for all in track using interested women.

This women’s camp is part of a standard Bike Promotion track day (composed by 4 group levels).

The Women’s training camp package I includes 3 days of training, work shops, experienced road racing trainers, technical support, suspension service, hotel accomodation in a double, full day catering and much more. Participants use their own bikes.

Package II includes in addition to package I also the use of a BMW S 1000 RR bike (incl. tires, fuel etc.), tires, fuel, technical support by BMW engineers and much more.


With Juergen Fuchs (GER), Radek Matoska (SVK) and more are very experienced trainers (track and workshops) on place.

Languages: The main event languages are english and german but if it´s needed you will get support in spanish, russian, czech, slovakian and italian language also.


arrival, welcome, first workshop, come together

first riding day, work shops

second riding day, work shops

third riding day, final party


Services available on site:

  • Technical and electronic service by BMW customer support  
  • Workshops
  • Tire service (Bike Promotion)
  • Spare part service (
  • Suspension service
  • Time keeping (Bike Promotion)
  • Photographer
  • Catering

The package does not include participants’ travel expenses: participants will have to take care of their travel. All the other services are covered by the participation fee.

An International or national license include a start permission in foreign countries is required. No-licensed riders can buy a one event licence through the booking process.

Deductible (package II): In case of crash participants will have to pay an excess of a maximum of EUR 1’500.

The training camp is supported by Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme, BMW Motorrad and Bike Promotion.

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