Liability insurance / accident insurance / event cancellation service

liability insurance

According to the law, the liability waiver (see General Conditions of Participation), which is signed by each participant before the event, applies only to property damage. It is no longer possible to unblock all other participants of a training from liability for personal injury. There is therefore the theoretical possibility that one participant can sue the other on pain relief etc., because he was allegedly guilty of a racetrack accident. Regardless of whether you can actually blame for a race accident, we are required to protect our competitors. Therefore we decided, after a long deliberation, to impose a liability insurance for all participants. We find the additional cost of this insurance for the drivers are justified by the gained safety -fifty times. The liability insurance of the “Gothaer” is specially tailored to the conditions of the racing and ridin training.

Liability insurance for the rider - (10 EURO / event day is already included in the event price for all events)

Accident insurance for race track riders

Almost all insurances in their General Conditions (GUB 99) exclude participation in `events for the achievement of maximum speeds', like our riding training. A big drawback, because many of our drivers, especially also the hobby driver, such a protection is very important. Most of us have to be there the next or the next day for company and family.

Well, with the accident insurance we can not reduce the risk of an injury, but the impact of such an accident. We advise to everyone! Participants in our events to take advantage of the insurance - you and we sleep more quiet! The following is an overview of the possibilities. With the entry within the application form that you want to claim the insurance you are protected against accident sequences on the track.

An accident insurance covers permanent damages suffered by the insured person as a result of an accident. The general accident conditions, which are the same for almost all companies, exclude a benefit if the insured is injured in a motor sport event! In contrast to this, the insurance is also insured if the insured person operates the Hobby Motorsport. The amount of the benefit depends on the basic amount (50,000 EUR with a maximum progression of 200%) and the part tax.
The daily accident insurance costs 16 EURO / event day.
The following information applies to these:

Invalidity insurance:

If the insured person is permanently injured due to an accident, one year after the accident, a sum is paid which is based on the type and extent of the impairment. General EUR 50,000 (up to EUR 100,000 with 200% progression)


If the insured is killed by an accident, the following sum will be paid out: 10,000 EUR

Event Cancellation Service

15 EUR per event

Cancellation up to 90 days before the start of the event
  Free of charge, money will be refunded in full

Cancellation up to 15 days prior to the start of the event
  Money will be refunded minus the cancellation fee of 25 Euros

Cancellation up to 5 days before the start of the event
  The nominal fee is 75% in the form of a voucher (1 year validity)

Cancellation up to 1 day before the start of the event
  The nominal fee is refunded to 50% in the form of a voucher (1 year validity)

The start of the registration is the day before the first driving on the track.

Cancellations will only be accepted as an e-mail at, as a fax to the number +49 (0) 365 712799129, or by telephone at the event telephone (see respective nominal confirmation)!


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