German Endurance Cup

The German Endurance Cup (GEC) is a license free national endurance championship in the frame of Bike Promotion organized events. The calendar includes 5 races over 2 hours on race tracks in Germany and Czech Republik.

Inscripted teams take part in the season classification with the chance to win some price money. Another request is the participation in minimum 3 of the 5 races. 

provisional calendar 2021

1. run - 30.04.21 Most/CZ 2 Stunden
2. run - 28.05.21 Oschersleben/D** 2 Stunden
3. run - 18.06.21          Autodrom Brno/CZ     2 Stunden
4. run - 02.07.21 Hockenheim/D** 2 Stunden
5. run - 10.09.21 Most/CZ                        2 Stunden
** Termin noch nicht bestätigt

class Moto 1000 - over 950 ccm 4-T; over 1000 ccm 2- and 3- cylinder (teams with more than one bike, max. 3 riders)
class Moto 600 - over 450 ccm to 600 ccm / 4-T/4-Zyl.; over 450 ccm to 750 ccm 2- and 3- cylinder (teams with more than one bike, max. 3 riders)
class Endurance - teams with only one bike with maximum 3 riders

Qualification time comes from the separate timed practice on Friday.
Teams without qualification time starts from the pitlane.

New: qualification limit is 120% of the average of the fastest 5 teams in the qualification

fees per event

  • teams, which are composed of for the IBPM-event booked riders or composed from guest cup riders: 60 EUR/team
  • teams, which go exclusively the time practice and race of GEC: 195 EUR/team

race classification

per class: cups for the places 1-2-3

Season price money

Only unscripted teams can win the price money.

1. place - cup, coupon over 500 EUR for trackdays/races in 2021
2. place - cup, coupon over 300 EUR for trackdays/races in 2021
3. place - cup, coupon over 200 EUR for trackdays/races in 2021

Price money can be higher if the race are full and we can recruit some sponsors.

Attention! The noise level in the events can be changed by the event description the event rules.

Link to team inscription in the series:

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