Int. Bike Promotion Meisterschaft

Do you want to compare yourself with others? You like high safety standards, relaxed atmosphere, lots of time on the track and fair, top-class races among like-minded people? Then you are in the right place at the IBPM International Bike Promotion Championship! At the beginning you do not have to be the fastest, the IBPM offers the possibility for a "gentle" entry into the motorsports. We always ride in groups with different performance levels.

Current standing of inscriptions for 2024 (13-12-2023).

IBPM: License-free motor sport for everyone

The IBPM (International Bike Promotion Championship) is a license-free race series for hobby racing riders. The IBPM events include a lot of driving time and the classes Superbike Open - SBKopen, Supersport Open - SSPopen / Superbike 750 - SBK750 (class explanation below) and the BMW S 1000 RR Cup. So everyone gets their money's worth, the race drivers and the training drivers. A lot of stretching time, maximum fun under high safety with a lot of family!

Where is IBPM going?
At most of the events there are 4 to 6 training turns per day with a length of 15 to 20 minutes. The sprint races run over a distance of 12 minutes plus one lap (race 1) and 17 minutes plus one lap (race 2). Points are awarded differently for race 1 and race 2. The SBK750 class is integrated into the Superbike (SBKopen) or Supersport (SSPopen) races. In any case, there is a separate rating for each of the three classes. For more information, see below.

The IBPM is currently being held on racetracks in Germany, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. Seven runs are planned in the calendar for 2022. 

Calendar planning for IBPM 2024 (as of November 28, 2023)

Rijeka/CRO - April 08 - 11

Nürburgring/GER - May 09 - 11

Schleizer Dreieck/GER - June 14 - 16

Most/CZE - July 05 - 07

Oschersleben/GER - August 23 - 25

Most/CZE - September 06 - 08

The list with the current standing of in the IBPM inscripted riders you find here.


Titles, prizes, fame and honor!

The overall championship is expected to have seven dates, high prizes and the title “Master of Class XX of the IBPM”.

Most of the IBPM appointments are set up as 3-day appointments and contain a lot of driving time and 2 races each. Some dates are set up as classic racing dates. You can find out more in the description of the respective event and from the schedule stored there.

For each race there is an award ceremony with the handover of trophies. In the SBKopen and SSPopen classes, at least the first five of each class will receive at least the first three trophies in the SBK750 class.

The prerequisite for receiving the prizes in the overall annual ranking is enrollment in the respective class and appearing at the championship ceremony at the end of the season. It is possible to enroll in several classes.

The championship award is given in the classes in which at least 10 drivers are registered.

Our Ladies Challenge is new in 2022! Across all classes, the best woman in the races of the IBPM and the BMW S 1000 RR Cup is determined using a formula that relates the placement to the number of starters. Ladies- the battle is open!

How do the IBPM events work?

The starting grid for the respective races will be determined in the free practice sessions on Friday and the separate timed practice on Saturday. The fastest training time from all times marked as qualification turns is used to determine the starting line-up. We start with 3 drivers per row. The starting grid applies to all races in the class on the respective weekend. The starting place of participants who do not take part in the second race will remain empty.

Preparation for the race / start procedure

A sighting lap will be driven, after which each participant will take his or her starting position. Bike Promotion staff is on the grid to help you find the right place to start. It is advisable to get an overview of the starting position at the start / finish straight before the race (markings on the lane) so as not to lose any time in finding the starting position.

As soon as all drivers have occupied their starting positions, the race begins. If the weather conditions are difficult, warm-up rounds can be carried out. The determination is made at least 10 minutes before the start of the race and this will be announced by an announcement

Start: The starter (standing in front of the starting line-up) leaves the runway as soon as all drivers are in their place and shows the start light with the red flag. The start release is then given by means of the traffic light signal. The traffic light initially jumps to RED and after 2-5 seconds it is switched OFF, which is the signal to start. In exceptional cases - for example if the traffic light is defective - the start can also be released by a flag signal (green flag).

Caution! The first turn is a key point in any standing start. It is to be avoided to approach this bend all the way inside at the start. Since in this part of the track nobody drives in training and the track is therefore not clean, the braking distance is extended accordingly. This in turn can lead to the driver in question no longer being able to turn and possibly driving straight ahead into the field that is just turning. Serious accidents are inevitable.

In the race

Most of the tracks have a digital display of the start / finish, which shows the remaining racing time or laps to be completed. If this display is not available, at least the last lap will be displayed manually on the starter tower.

End of the race

The race is over when the black and white checkered flag is waved to the start / finish.


SSPopen class

up to 500 ccm 2 stroke

up to 750 cc 4-stroke two-cylinder

up to 675 ccm 4-stroke three-cylinder

up to 636 cc 4-stroke four-cylinder


Class SBK750 (here we will also classify the Supersport Next Generation)

up to 750 cc 4-stroke four-cylinder

up to 950 cc 4-stroke three-cylinder

up to 1000 ccm 4-stroke two-cylinder water-cooled

up to 1200 ccm 4-stroke two-cylinder air-cooled (also approved: BMW R 1200 R, or all BMW boxers)


Class SBKopen

over 750 cc 4-stroke four-cylinder

over 950 cc 4-stroke three-cylinder

over 1000 cc 4-stroke two-cylinder

Tire brands or dimensions are not required. Slicks and rain tires are allowed.


The motorcycles used must meet the minimum safety standards for the racetrack. This means that the brakes must be functional, the tires must be in a usable condition, no liquids must leak, all components must be securely seated, etc. On some tracks, compliance with the noise regulations is also carried out through a visual inspection of the exhaust (dB killer) or a standing volume measurement.

Motorrad-Stecki takes care of the tried and tested parts service again. Here are the conditions by category:
Every registered driver is listed and receives
- Parts and accessories in general: 10%
- GRP racing fairings and windshields: 15%
- SBS brake pads sintered 20%
- SBS brake pads carbon 30%

Diana Weisser is a trained and practicing sports physiotherapist. She is always there and ensures fit drivers.
In all events, our timekeeping operates via live timing. At the end of the event, the results will be uploaded to the online server for retrieval. As a championship driver, timing is free for you in all of our events (PF0XX-MA)!

Technical Services
BMW HP Race Support and Suzuki Helbig Technical Service are present at all IBPM events. In addition, Yamaha Motorradtke will take care of blue customers at some events. The employees of our tire service are also available for smaller technical services (changing wheels, etc.)
HP Race Support and Motorradtke not only repair, they also stand for excellent chassis tuning.
physical therapy

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